Manufacturer: Infiniti Design
Licensed production in North America: Teknion

Year: 2018

Futuristic and soft is the key design words of FLINK barstool, FLINK is known as SPROUT in North America. It is almost aerodynamic.
FLINK is inspired by nature − pepple stones founded on the beach, budding flowers, foliage and branches at varying stages of size and growth and designed with soft, round and friendly shapes. That is why the chair is called “Flink” which in Danish means friendly. FLINK is friendly to your body. Each can be displayed solo, like a small flower in a bud vase, or be part of a larger arrangement of similar or varying colors and textures.

FLINK is perfect for use in workplaces, phonebooths, cafeterias, cafes, retail and educational settings. Designed for corporate and commercial applications, the products have been tested to ANSI/BIFMA standards and the stools have a 300-pound (136kg) weight capacity. Sprout’s sturdily constructed metal trumpet base and support can be finished in almost any paint color, creating endless possibilities when married with different textile upholstery options.