Gate Reflect III

Manufacturer: SAVIR Design

Year: 2024

Reflect III is a chair, created with versatility and comfort in mind. The curvature of the chair’s almost paper-thin profile is dictated by the natural organic shape of the human body.
Reflect is designed to achieve a visually and physically, beautiful chair with excellent support. The chair is reinforced with a core of recycled plastic, that gives Reflect its ergonomically correct firmness and the characteristic but simple signature curve on the backside.

Reflect III comes in a variety of colors that is defined from a contemporary spectrum and offers colors, which can either define or accommodate an already existing, interior design.
The humble expression and silky surface creates the framework for a chair that suits any situation with the ability to change its appearance from basic to exclusive depending on color, base, and choice of upholstery. But most importantly, Reflect III is a chair all about comfort and a chair that invites you to both rest, contemplate and reflect.

The Reflect, Reflect II and Reflect III collection is our take on the perfect multifunctional chair series where simplicity, comfort, appearance and price all comes together.