Manufacturer: Infiniti Design
Licensed production in North America: Bernhardt Design

Year: 2018

The KRAM lounge chair, also Know as Pedersen Chair in North america, has a charateristic and welcomming shape. Inspired by an open seashell the chair invites for seating and gives the user great comfort. The chair has a nordic look and feel. The chair is designed with the human body in mind. Even whether you are small or tall.

The first lines and ideas for the chair date back a decade and originate from what I learned in developing the Stingray. The first prototypes for the Kram lounge actually used the Stingray shell. This long process was a matter of reduction and constantly striving for the perfect simple shape and beautiful lines.

The entire process was about creating another icon that integrates well with diverse design languages and works harmoniously in the type of spaces people are creating today. The chair is definitely iconic and has a youthful appearance, but it blends beautifully with contemporary, transitional and residential furniture.

The Pedersen lounge chair is available in oak or walnut, the wood finishes ranging from clear oak and natural walnut to matte ebony and a rainbow of colors in between. There are also four metal base options that include copper chrome, polished chrome, black chrome, and matte black.